Spatio-temporal modeling of X-ray induced electron cascades in various materials

XCASCADE-3D [1,2] is a Monte Carlo (MC) code based on XCASCADE code, which, in addition to providing temporal information about X-ray-induced free electron cascades, also predicts their spatial evolution. In other words, it provides full spatio-temporal information on free electron density in a target material after its irradiation with X rays.

The solid target is characterized by its atomic composition (determining atomic energy levels, photoabsorption cross sections, elastic/inelastic electron-atom scattering cross sections, Auger decay times), and atomic density. The X-ray laser pulse is characterized by its temporal shape, duration, fluence and photon energy. The code relies on individual particle event-by-event
MC approach. Its recent version has been tested in [3] for various materials.

[1] V. Lipp, N. Medvedev, B. Ziaja, Proc. of SPIE 10239, 102360H (2017).
[2] B. Ziaja, D. van der Spoel, A. Szoeke, J. Hajdu, Phys. Rev. B. 64, 214104 (2001).
[3] V. Lipp, I. Milov, N. Medvedev,. Sync. Rad. 29, 323 (2022).

100 electron cascades in LiF, each triggered by an impact of
an 10 keV photoelectron, simulated with XCASCADE-3D code.

License for XCASCADE-3D

XCASCADE-3D is not yet available for external users under a license agreement. However, if you are interested in applying it, we are open to new collaborations. Please contact us under the emails: ziaja@mail.desy.de or vladimir.p.lipp@cfel.de.